What will be the average cost to study abroad?

Studying abroad gives you wings to get your dream jobs with spectacular salary packages.
A substantial amount of students travel abroad for studies from across the world every year. In India, the number of students applying to study in foreign countries is phenomenally increasing. Studying abroad can be fun as alumni who studied abroad proclaim. But the fun comes with pros and cons.

Financial backup for students shall not be neglected as life can be unpredictable, and misfortune can occur anytime. Students must be given a backup on which they can rely during tough circumstances. Studying abroad can make a huge dent in your bank account if you don't plan wisely.

From handling bank statements to enrolling in universities to selecting accommodation, things can be harrowing and perplexing. And of course, if you are intending to go abroad, you won't want a run-of-the-mill life. Students who aspire to study abroad aim to have a comfortable place where they can get a better education and make a solid career, and that can't happen without meticulous planning. That's when MyOverseasEdu comes to the rescue. From financial backup to accommodation, we do everything for our students' safety and gratification.

It is difficult to proclaim exact figures how much it will cost to study abroad because every country has a different economy. The prices may vary from country to university and the lifestyle of that specific country.

Nevertheless, there are some figures we can roughly consider. According to the research by the International Institute of Education, the average cost of studying abroad hovers around
Average cost of studying abroad 10 lakh to 25 lakh per year

The United Kingdom - Indian students opting to study in the United Kingdom should roughly consider the average cost of about 11000 £pounds to 27000 pounds £ for postgraduate courses.

The United States Of America - Indian students opting to study in the United States Of America should roughly consider the average cost of about 9000 $ to 28000$ for postgraduate courses.

Canada - Indian students opting to study in the Canada should roughly consider the average cost of about 14000 CAD to 45000 CAD for postgraduate courses.

Australia - Indian students opting to study in the Australia should roughly consider the average cost of about 20000 usd to 35000 usd for postgraduate courses.

France - Indian students opting to study in the France should roughly consider the average cost of about 5500 euros for postgraduate courses.

Planning to study abroad with minimal knowledge can lead to an exorbitant budget. That's why accurate guidance and assistance are important if you are aiming to study abroad. We at MyOverseasEdu pave the way for young aspirants to accomplish their goals.

If you are confused about the budget, financial backup, or accommodation, do let us know. We are always here to help you. Contact or visit us, and let's discuss your radiating career abroad.

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Which Top courses students are opting for studying abroad?

Students aspiring to study overseas select the course from the set of courses that are high in demand. According to recent records, it is supposed that Indian students are fascinated with courses like Computer Science, MSc in Data Science, MBA, and much more.
The number of students applying to study abroad is tremendously rising. In such a case, students must not get confused and not follow other students' lead. Students should opt for a course that is relevant to their skills and perfect for their passion.

Given below are some of the popular courses opted for by Indian students

Business and Management -:

In this course, students will develop the knowledge and skills that are required to run a successful business. Business is not just about making money but is about skyrocketing a start-up and managing every minor to the major factor of the company.

In this course, you will learn -
Human Resources Management
Transportation and logistics
E-commerce, etc

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science -:

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are the two technologies that are drastically changing the world. Data Scientists are responsible for collecting and analyzing data to make business decisions. Demand for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is phenomenally growing in the industry. This course deals with the comprehensive study of statistics, processes, cognitive science, methodologies, etc.
In this course, you will learn -
Data collection
Data analyzing
Interpretation of data
Data visualization tools
Data-driven solution

Computer Science -:

In this course, students get to obtain profound knowledge about computers and computing from theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Computer science is one of the viable career options that enable high-paying job opportunities.

In this course, you will learn -
Algorithm formulation
Software and Hardware development

Engineering -:

Engineering deals with designing, and usage of machines and engines to build and manage structures. Engineering is a sought-after degree in the world. There’s an array of engineering courses, students can choose the course as per their liking and passion. Things you will learn in engineering may vary from various engineering courses.

In this course, you will learn -:
Analytical ability
Computer skills
Working under pressure
Communication skills

Hospitality and Tourism -:

This course enables students to acquire knowledge about global tourism and encourages them to learn different cuisines, cultures, languages, etc. Students get to shape their knowledge and learn about the history of the world.

In this course, you will learn -
Hotel management
Food & Drinks production
Travel, tourism, and more

A few other tops courses to study abroad are -:

Biomedical Sciences
Data Science
Project Management

The most popular countries to study abroad are -;

The United Kingdom
The United States of America
New Zealand

For more such information, don’t forget to read our other blogs.

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Study Abroad Tips

How To Choose A Major?

A College major opens the door for prestigious career opportunities for you. It defines your undergraduate degree and ultimately polishes your skills and knowledge for a better career.
Students who pursue college majors pave the way for promising careers and great earnings.

However, there are a few significant things one must consider before taking college majors. When choosing a major there are three crucial factors to be considered, and they are as follows -:
1) Economic benefit
2) Ability
3) Interest level

Identify your passion: Identify your passion and then select a major relevant to your interest. Things that fascinate you, you should make a career out of that. Understanding your passion is a great way to determine your major.
For instance, if you are gratified with finance then you should opt for a Major in Finance.

Valuable undergraduate degree: Yes, undergraduate degree plays a vital role while choosing a major. Undergraduate degree certainly reflects the major degree and shall be relevant to the studies you have studied previously.

Selecting colleges: While choosing a major, one must also focus on selecting the college/university they will be studying in. Selecting universities relevant to the field you have chosen is of paramount importance. Researching and shortlisting the best universities for your area of study is vital. Make sure the colleges have a good reputation that will help you attract gratifying jobs.

long term investment: Your major is like an investment. Ask yourself if you will be interested in the field you have chosen for decades to come? If that major will still be employable in the future or not? If you are indecisive of which major to choose, you can choose any general major or speak to MyOverseasEdu's team, we are ready to help you out.

Intensity of the major: While choosing a major, it is crucial to see how rigorous the course work will be. Some major courses can be gruelling for some people and maybe not be the same for others. It depends on your abilities and how you can perceive the coursework. Research well and know what and how you will be learning. From homework to practical lessons and assignments, things can be tiresome.

Visit MyOverseasEdu if you want full-fledged services for studying abroad. Let our experts help you out with your concerns.

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Is it necessary to show the student’s bank balance to study abroad?

The answer is yes. A vast number of students all across the globe go abroad for studies. It is vital to have a steady bank balance for students to have a comfortable life outside their country.

Studying abroad can be a rollercoaster ride for students. Living all by yourself, embedding yourself in another country, turning strangers into families, everything about living abroad is valiant and amusing.

Studying abroad helps to enhance your knowledge about the field of study you have chosen. Studying abroad helps boost your courage, enables you to interact with people all across the world, opens the golden door for spectacular opportunities, and the list of advantages is perpetual.

One of the main reasons why authorities check students' bank balances is to check if they are capable of affording the country's lifestyle. Second, as life is unforeseeable, misfortune can occur anytime. Checking the bank balance assures the authorities that except for insurance, students are capable of managing their health requirements.

Students are required to show evidence of funds for the duration they are studying. In the bank account, students must have double the amount of what their university fees are.

For instance, If your I-20 states $25,000 for the first year, you should have $50000 for the entire duration of your study.

Amount requirement in a student's bank account may differ on the amount shown in your I-20 and the country's economy. The cost of living and studying abroad is predominantly based on the country you decide to live in and the study course.

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