There are numerous reasons why one should go abroad for studies. Some of the prime reasons are students get to learn about other cultures, learn new languages, overcome the challenges of living abroad, gain confidence, and get the best degree from the best institution in the world. Further, students can make a superior career in that country itself.

Because MyOverseasEdu aims to minimize the prolonged process that is required for studying abroad. We predominantly focus on eliminating all the potential hurdles arising in sending our students abroad for studies. From Students Admission Assistance to Education Loan, Student Visa, accommodation, Ticketing , etc we do it all under one roof with the help of our experts.

Yes, you can. There’s no such law that prohibits students from studying and doing part-time work. Moreover, Working part-time gives you language fluency and aids extra income.

Yes, entrance exams are mandatory in most countries. Criteria and regulations may vary from university to university. But some of the most prominent, and most significant international entrance exams encompass the SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and the TOEFL.

For a better future, studying abroad is one of the best options. Studying abroad requires meticulous planning. Every procedure plays a vital role but financial planning is something one must consider differently. At least 12 months before departure, one should be well prepared with a financial backup.

Taking an educational agent’s help has multitudinous advantages. Educational agents lay many course options for you, they provide the best institution from the tons of universities in the world. They take all integral responsibility on their shoulders such as guiding in shortlisting of Universities, Handling admission process, student visa, educational loan, accommodation, ticketing, etc.

MyOverseasEdu has a team of qualified individuals administering different categories. At MyOverseasEdu we provide Student Counselling, Admission Assistance, Student visa, Education Loan, Test Preparation, Insurance, accommodation, ticketing, and much more add-on services. Feel free to check out the services and add-on services section to know more about all the services we provide.

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